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Sosyal medyanın çok tartışıldığı şu dönemde ilginç bir sunum. Değerlendirmekte fayda var.


DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation

Perakendenin geleceğine dair önemli ipuçları veren bu sunum, son dönemde harcadığım en zihin açıcı yarım saat oldu:

“Carnegie Mellon professor and ex-imagineer Jesse Schell lays out a vision of the future in which our lives become, essentially, one big RPG.

Schell’s discussion kicks off with some of the most unexpected gaming developments over the last few years, including:

* The sudden success of Guitar Hero.
* The Wii winning the console wars
* Webkins
* The incredibly popularity of Xbox Achievements.
* Mafia Wars

“What do these have in common? A variety of psychological tricks,” explains Schell, who then goes on to examine how these various gaming successes take advantage of humans instincts, and how we hunger “to get to anything real.” He goes on to examine how gaming has extended to grading a class, driving a car, shopping and socializing, ending at a future where everything is a kind of game.”

DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation.